About us

“Just4YOUth” is a non-profit non-governmental youth group, founded in 2011, created and managed by youngsters and leaders.

The group aims

  • to offer opportunities for personal growth through which young people can develop life skills, confidence and self esteem.
  • to recognise, respect and encourage initiatives of young people.
  • to act as advocates on behalf of and alongside young people in challenging the inequalities and prejudices arising from their experiences and life circumstances.
  • to offer a variety of informal education activities, programmes and experiences which are recreational, social and fun!
  • to acknowledge and value the diversity within youth culture and promote it within the wider community.
  • to challenge young people’s actions, attitudes and words whilst encouraging them to realise the consequences of, and take responsibility for those actions, attitudes and words.
  • to provide ways for young people to express their views and be heard.
  • to offer support to young people through the transitions they experience in moving from childhood to adulthood.
  • to offer relevant information, advice and education for young people on their rights and responsibilities and the issues which affect their lives, and so enable them to make informed decisions and choices.


Besides these aims, following areas are also of great interest to “Just4YOUth”;

  • Youth Exchange
  • Youth Democracy Project
  • Thematic Networking
  • European Voluntary Service
  • Cooperation with the Neighbouring Countries of the European Union
  • Cooperation with Other Countries of the World
  • Training and Networking of Those Active in Youth Work and Youth Organisations
  • Project Encouraging Innovation and Quality
  • Information Activities for Young People and Those Active in Youth Work and Youth Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Meetings of Young people and Those Responsible for Youth Policy
  • Support for Activities to Bring About Better Knowledge of the Youth Field

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    i want to partner with you for exchange, volunteer and many more.
    Iam from Ghana.Please call me on 00233 201319084

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