Youth Workers 09 Mart 2012 15:44


My name is Elif Ceren. I am 19 years old. I live in Aydın/TURKEY.

I am a university student in İstanbul. I like to learn new languages and cultures, this is the reason why I chose thisdepartment.

I love to communicate with foreign people and learn something about their cultures. I am an inquiring person. I am attached to seeing new places, nature and music. I am also interested in history and visiting historical places.

My hobbies are reading, cycling, going to the cinema, spending time with my family and friends and playing the Ney which is an instrument special to Turkey. I have been playing the Ney for five months and I really enjoy playing it.

Also I am very fond of involving in youth and voluntary organizations. Moreover, I am a member of Youth Center in Aydın. We do lots of activities. For instance, we have visited an animal shelter, nursing home, etc.. We have done a reading activity to encourage people to read.

I really like being part of youth projects.

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