Youth Workers 09 Mart 2012 15:42

Hey guys ! I am 19 years old and a university student in İzmir.

I have so far taken part in projects including the Inernational Comenius, thanks to which we’ve developed very close relationships with  foreign friends. I’m rather cool with foreign people so I enjoy participating in such projects.

I don’t actually like being at home , so I love hanging out with  friends , like all the time. I spend most of my spare time with  my friends. I love my friends and they love me. Cause you can pretend to be fun but not to be serious. Well, I can  pretend to be both anyway :P :D Of my hobies are also books , music, films ,etc. I am a keen cinema goer and have a collection of over 300 films. When I’m home I read books or listen to music . Beside the usual teenage musical habits I’m also into classical music.

I’m a real foodie. I am said to eat like all the time. But I’m no fat though. My passion is to be a professional translator or a linguist. I believe that we will have great fun during youth projects.

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